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 Health Care Reform

    I believe that the current Health Care reform policy has many flaws but it should not be changed until it can be IMPROVED. Our current congressman voted YES on the original House Bill that would have increased the number of uninsured people by 17 million in 2018. Average premiums for individual purchasers like small businessmen and farmers would increase by roughly 25% and the Congressional Budget Office calculations are that half the nations population would have NO insurers participating in those individual purchasers market in 2 years. I believe that working together and eliminating the bickering and political infighting we can come up with a plan that the American people deserve.

Tax Reform

   I believe that taxes have to be reduced fairly with many loopholes closed. This is an effort that is not helped by the divisiveness and bitterness practiced by many of the current representatives. What happened to the Republican platform to balance the budget???? 1.5 trillion additional debt is not what most Americans look to our party for leadership in.

I believe that individual tax cuts should be made permanent, not set to expire in 10 years.  I also believe that tax cuts for corporations and big business should somehow be tied into returning jobs from foreign countries to America and putting United States citizens back to work. 

Term Limits

    There are many individuals in Congress who are lifelong Professional Politicians. They are so entrenched and comfortable in their office they have lost the passion for serving the American people. To say there are no citizens who can replace the current Congressman is an insult to the best and the brightest of our population who could bring new ideas to Congress. I support term limits for Congress.

Ohio's Opioid crisis

     Despair caused by the lack of jobs and hope is the greatest single factor in the growing opioid crisis in rural Ohio. A study by The Ohio State University was shared at the Farm Science Review. There were 3,050 overdose deaths in Ohio in 2015 and we need to address this issue.The lack of good jobs paying a wage that a person can live on  plays an important part in this crisis. We need to find creative ways to return jobs to rural Ohio. 


The waters of the Great Lakes are our greatest natural resource and we need to do all we can to clean them up and keep them clean. Instead of cutting funds for research and development that some have proposed in Washington we need to increase the funding. If we can put a man on the moon we should be able to keep our water clean.

Issue 1 - redistricting

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